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Dr Milton Nyamtowo

Director/ Safeguarding Lead and Domiciliary Care Registered Manager

- Holder of a Professional Doctorate in Leadership of Children and Young People's Services (University of Bedfordshire), Masters of Business Administration (Open University), Honours in Child Care and Adolescence Studies (University of Bedfordshire), Social Work Post Qualification Award (University of Bedfordshire,Honours Degree in Development Administration (University of South Africa), Social Work qualifications (University of Zimbabwe).

- Extensive experience of working with children and families as a Frontline Practitioner and Manager in different teams that range from Early Intervention and Prevention, Assessment, Specialist and Safeguarding, Looked After Children ,Leaving After Care and Quality Assurance Assurance.

- Experience of quality assurance and auditing of Children and Families Services.

- Highly skilled and experienced in legal proceedings, assessment, quality assurance, chairing strategy and specialist social work meetings.

- Experience in managing and leading professional and non qualified workers.

- Experienced in undertaking academic and professional research and academic writing such as Social Work and Poverty.

- Experienced in supervision of staff.

- Independent Fostering Panel Member.

- Experience in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of relief and development projects and programmes with non-governmental organisations such a World Vision International and Tearfund.

- Experience in training, mentoring, supervising, capacity building and coaching of staff members and overseas trained social work staff.

- Experience in empowering disadvantaged and advocating for justice, equality, fairness and poverty eradication.

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Tatenda Saunyama

Social Worker

Tatenda is a social worker who has 11 years of child protection experience. He was worked in all areas of children’s services and has spend the past 4 years as a specialist disability social worker. Tatenda is a social work practice teacher and holds a Master of Social Development and Policy degree amongst other qualifications.

Tatenda is passionate about objective orientated interventions and evidence based care planning. Tatenda’s interests are in disability care planning, anti oppressive practice safeguarding. Tatenda’s involvement with the project are borne out of his desire to contribute to the development of inclusive and responsive services in the disability arena.

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Dr Leonard Agere

Social Worker

Leonard is an experienced Social worker with the Children with Disabilities Team in Devon. He works with parents with children with disabilities to support them to understand their legal rights and access specialised services that enable and promote independence. He also makes assessments of families and children to determine their strengths and put in support systems that help them achieve their individual goals. Leonard is passionate about collaborative working to ensure integrated, holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to the safeguarding of the children or young persons with disabilities. He is an advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion in social work practice. He strongly believes in relationship-based practice and rights-based approaches when working with children and families
Leonard has also worked in multiple roles within children’s social work in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UK.

Leonard undertakes research and possesses knowledge and skills in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of relief and development projects and programmes with non-governmental organisations. He also has experience of independent and consultancy work for non-governmental organisations which has included experience in training, mentoring, assessing and capacity building. Leonard holds a PhD in Social work and has conducted various studies into child poverty and social protection mechanisms. He has also published manuscripts in high-quality international peer reviewed journals and have had papers presented at international Social work conferences in Rwanda, Republic of Ireland and Uganda.