Family Portrait

Support in Child Protection or Legal Proceedings


If your child has come to the attention of the Children's Services with a concern of suffering significant, we can help working with you and Children's Services to ensure that children are safeguarded from assessed and unassessed harm, enhance your capacity to manage risks and meet needs within a family unit and environment. This involves ensuring that different stakeholders' rights and responsibilities are specified and fulfilled.

We will offer support to children and families within the Child Protection or Care Proceedings arena to ensure that parents and families are supported to safeguard children and care for them. We will help in monitoring and managing risks.


We will advocate for children and parents as well as help and provide children and families requisite support ranging from practical needs, supporting families within meetings, enabling community support,assessment, contact supervision and direct work for children within safeguarding and legal arena support should it be initial contact from the social service or advise during legal proceedings.